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January 12th, 2010

And the verdict is…

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At last Met Commander Ali Dizaei is having his day in court. As reported back in May last year, Dizaei – he of the chequered police career – is up in court on charges of assault, false arrest, misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice.

He was charged after an incident at a London restaurant when he had an ‘incident’ with someone he had engaged to work on his private website who demanded payment. He arrested the man (whilst off duty) & alleged the man had stabbed him in the stomach with part of a pipe. The police surgeon who examined him was of the opinion that the injury suffered by Dizaei may have been self-inflicted & the CPS found significant differences between his evidence & that provided by CCTV & other witnesses.

The case is set to run for a few weeks. I wonder what the outcome will be, guilty or innocent & if guilty, what the penalty will be. Cash prizes await the winner.*

*provided that winner is me.