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January 8th, 2010

Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just…

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I’ve just spent several whole minutes – that I won’t ever get back – reading Henry Porter’s Blog over at the Guardian. He has an article today asking whether the police in the UK are dumb or dangerous (or both).

The skeleton on which his article is built revolves around a tale which happens most days in most forces throughout the land. A member of the public reported seeing a car driving round Weymouth whose passenger was carrying a hand gun. The witness duly took down the car’s number & the driver’s address was attended by armed police.

The youths in question found that the penalty for the idiocy of driving round the town with a BB gun in open view, which looks like a real handgun, was to find themselves on the raw end of some really real handguns, pointed at them by the police.

Porter & most of his commenters are clearly of the view that nobody ever goes out in public with a handgun & nobody is ever shot. And that George Dixon should simply walk up to people & ask them if they have a real or a fake gun & hope it’s the later, presumably. What a virtuous & safe world they must live in.

I wonder what Porter’s blog entry would have been had the police just said ‘oh, it’s probably just a BB gun, we’ll ignore that’ & someone had been shot. Hmm, difficult one that.