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January 4th, 2010

Making scum acceptable

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I was whiling away some time the other day reading the Travellers’ Times, an online publication dedicated to news & views for travellers, it describes itself as “The national magazine for Gypsies and Travellers“. I always like to keep my diversity credentials up to date lest I decide to go for a promotion. (my arse)

The winter 2009-2010 issue has features on successful sporting travellers, Romanies working for the BBC, registering for voting rights & beating bullies.

Page 18 of the 20-page issue has an advert from a company called Alpha Talk with the strap line “Are you in Trees, Drives or Plastics? Create a professional image, and increase your business – order an 0800 number today

For as little as £299 per annum you can have an 0800 or 0845 number which connects straight to your mobile together with a prestigious office address in either Birmingham or London which you can use as a convenience address to make your business look legitimate, I mean, professional. You can even have a two-page website ‘professionally designed”.

I expect that the company would not stoop so low as to take money from burglars or rogue traders in order to make their ‘businesses’ seem somewhat more legitimate than they might otherwise be. And that they check the bona fides of all their clients to make sure they are not like the ‘company’ of travellers who ripped off my father by charging him £700 to rip off some perfectly sound guttering & replace it with cheap shite which needed replacing by a proper builder the first time it rained. Spookily, they had leaflets with an 0800 telephone number & an address which they hadn’t ever been within 200 miles of.

Footnote: I expect this business opportunity is open to all classes of rip-off merchant, not just Travellers, Gypsies & Romanies.