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December 30th, 2009

More free cash

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I see a report this week is announcing the government’s latest plan to get the country back on its feet is to give 270,000 families a free computer & a year’s free Internet access.

Apparently, only 1 in 5 white teenage boys on free school meals is passing 5 good GCSEs. In a pilot of the scheme with 9,000 families in Suffolk & Oldham, pupils made a two-grade improvement.

Poor families will be offered £500 for an approved computer.

Figures show that 1 million kids in the UK have no access to the Internet.

Personally, I dont buy it. £500 for a computer seems quite extravagent given you can get a fully functional one for not much more than half that. Buying 270,000 of them, you’d expect a decent discount too.

And I dont accept for one minute that sticking a PC in someone’s front room will turn them into scholar of the week; they probably won’t get a look-in for guardians downloading porn threatening each other on Facebook.

It’ll end up as another example of the government doling out my tax dollars to some thoroughly undeserving wasters.

A bit like that cash giveaway for six form students who get something like 30 quid a week to stay on at school while my kids got bugger all because I told the truth about my earnings even though I was in debt up to my arse, drove a 15 year old car never went abroad, while my kids’ friends lived in bigger houses, went abroad twice a year never had a car older than 3 Years.

Bitter, me?