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December 23rd, 2009

It gets worse

Thanks to PC Hawkeye for the heads-up on this update from yesterday’s story.

It does appear that Walid Salem got off so lightly due to his ‘brain damage’ inflcited at the hands of aggravated-burglary victim Munir Hussain when he committed a particularly nasty offence against Mr Hussain’s family.

Salem must be laughing all the way to his next victim’s bank account. He spent two weeks in hospital recovering from his ‘brain damage’ but went on a crime spree shortly after. He was arrested in January 2009 in possession of forged credit cards & appeared at St Albans Crown Court at the end of November charged with 5 more offences. His solicitor, Tajinder Singh, successfully got him off the charges when he argued that his ‘brain damage’ made him unfit to plead. Judge Stephen Warner gave him an absolute discharge. Sadly, he didn’t appear to recognise that his ‘brain damage’ ws clearly not so severe as to stop him committing crimes against more innocent victims, just that he doesn’t have to answer for his deeds, which is basically an official licence to do whatever the fuck he wants & get away with it.

Defence solicitors, what a bunch of prostitutes, how do they sleep at night?