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December 17th, 2009

Please, Miss

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I was shocked to the core when I walked into the little boys’ room at work this week; they had removed the poster which tells me how to wash my hands. What the hell am I going to do now that stroke-by-stroke instructions are gone, how can I refer to the little diagrams telling me how much soap to put on, where, & which actions my hands must be doing in order to maximise my personal safety & ensure the job doesn’t have to pay me sick leave because I have picked up one of the millions of strains of germs which float around the control room?

Has the chief constable gone totally mad? Next they’ll be removing the sign which tells me the steps are slippery when wet or the one which advises waiting until the door is open before I walk through it.

I never realised the true function of  ‘Police – Do Not Cross’ tape was to stop me walking across a patch of muddy grass  at police HQ or keeping me from incurring a fatal injury from the edge of a desk where the metal edging has fallen off (because they bought the cheapest).

If you don’t see a blog entry tomorrow, it’s probably because nobody told me not to do something I’ve not been doing for nearly 50 years quite successfully.