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December 16th, 2009

Hero of the Week

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In a change to my occasional Scum of the Week Award, I’m giving you 200’s Hero of the Week, or more precisely Heroine of the Week.

Actually, there’s probably also a Scum of the Week in the same post.

70-year-old pensioner, Patricia Hendry, was praised by a judge today after he jailed a thug for attacking her friend in Luton earlier this year.

In May, Patricia’s friend, 66-year-old Patrick Barrett withdrew some money from a cashpoint. He became aware of someone watching & made his way to Patricia’s home nearby where he let himself in. David Cherrington, 42, had followed Mr Barrett back to the house & entered via an insecure door. He then attacked Mr Barrett demanding that he hand over the cash.

During the attack Mrs Hendry armed herself with a plank of wood & set about the attacker who made off with the victim’s money. Mr Barrett was left with a large scar on his forehead.

Cherrington was later arrested in June when Mrs Hendry recognised him in the street & pointed him out to police. He was jailed for three & a half years at Luton Crown Court.

Christine Rabaiotti, defending, said: “He is deeply, deeply remorseful for this aberrant piece of behaviour and wants to become a useful member of society.” It’s a pity he didn’t think of that before he decided to follow a vulnerable old man home from the cashpoint & violently rob him inside someone’s home.

Mrs Hendry will receive a High Sheriff’s Bravery Award together with £250.