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December 13th, 2009

Justice seen, Justice done?

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You may remember me  mentioning back in July about the case of a woman who told a group of youths to be quiet. She was subsequently followed to a restaurant where one of the youths threw bleach over her.

Well the case has come to trial during which more details have emerged.

Leeds Crown Court has heard that the 16-year-old, who isn’t being named, has admitted assault but denies a charge of GBH with intent.

Annette Warden was watching Harry Potter at a local cinema when she had cause to ask a group nearby to be quiet.

When the film finished the family walked to a nearby restaurant. A car drove past them & the defendant shouted at her “fucking slag”.

The 16-year-old asked his mates to stop at a garage claiming he wanted to buy eggs to throw at her, but they had sold out so he bought a bottle of Domestos.

They then drove to the restaurant where Mrs Warden was sitting at a table. The youth approached her from behind a poured bleach over her head, he then ran off. Her husband gave chase & managed to get the number of the car they fled in.

Mrs Warden was lucky not to suffer serious injury.

So, place your bets. Guilty or not guilty, & if guilty, what will the sentence be…….you decide!