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December 11th, 2009

Duck or Grouse!?

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I have some sympathy for the Nottingham bus driver whose exploits appeared in the national news today.


There you are driving some happy-go-lucky kids on a school trip to a museum when you are met with a low bridge. What do you do? Turn round & go back to school thus disappointing everyone or go for it?

Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured which, when you look at the pictures, is a miracle. I expect he simply forgot he was driving a double-decker. I dealt with one of these years ago, a very similar scene to the one above. The driver just forgot he was in a double-decker having been asked to switch routes & vehicles from his normal routine.

Whilst not wishing to minimise the potential impact of such an incident, I can kind of understand the circumstances which lead to such errors; many years ago I went on holiday with my girlfriend, we took our mountain bikes but the weather was so poor that for the first week we never once took them off the roofrack. On about the 8th day of rain we decided to go into a nearby city centre to stay out of the wet. Imagine my shock when the bikes were taken clean off the roof as I drove into a multi-storey car park, completely oblivious to the fact that I still had cycles attached.