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December 10th, 2009

Natural Selection

In a case which should surely make them nominees for this year’s Darwin Awards, two ‘alleged’ burglars were killed last night making off from a £40,000 burglary of an outdoor pursuits store.

In CCTV footage from the raided Cardiff store, the burglars were seen using two quad bikes, one of which had been stolen from Gwent. Four men on two quad bikes made off from the store & decided the best means of escape was to ride down a nearby railway track. It doesn’t appear to have occurred to them that railway tracks aren’t usually the domain of quad bikes, having a somewhat larger & faster use. Both bikes were struck from behind by an empty passenger train travelling at 70mph. Two men were killed, miraculously, two others escaped death.

Four men have been arrested & 200 branded jackets worth £40,000 were found at the side of the track.

Proof, if any were needed, that sometimes nature does clear out the gene pool.