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December 8th, 2009

Pass the Collins

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Today I have a question; is ‘traumatised’ the most overused word in the English dictionary?

This week saw Stuart Manning – whoever the fuck he is – complaining that he was traumatised on seeing Kim Woodburn (whoever the fuck she is) naked in I’m a total loser get me out of here, or whatever that shite ITV programme is that’s just finished.

Today we have a Muslim convert complaining in court that she was traumatised when a hotel-owning couple allegedly asked if she was a murderer & terrorist for wearing a hijab.

In another case a woman is claiming in a civil tribunal that she was traumatised when she declined the advances of a co-worker on a business trip when he came into her hotel room while they both worked at HBoS. Apparently she was so traumatised that she didn’t mention it for 9 years until she decided to sue the company for constructive dismissal.

In November a WHOLE FAMILY were traumatised by a man who smacked their 8-year-old in a MacDonalds car park when the child trampled on a 2-year-old, which was amazing in iteslef, especially as the grandmother concerned was buying burgers & didn’t even see the incident.

Is it me or is anyone else sick of people’s need to use superlatives to describe how they have been affected by something that most ‘normal’ people would just shrug off as a bad experience, OK upsetting, maybe, but traumatised? It’s like you won’t get any money unless you were traumatised. Traumatised? Fuck the hell off!

Traumatised is having your legs blown off in Afghanistan. Traumatised is being told your daughter isn’t coming home. Traumatized is being attacked down a dark alley.

Traumatised isn’t being insulted or affronted. That’s being annoyed.