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December 7th, 2009

And the music played

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Back in June 2008, I reported on a story involving the police -v- the Performing Rights Society in which several forces were refusing to py for a licence to broadcast music in the workplace for the benefit of employees. Whenever music is played in the workplace it is classed as a performance & money must be paid.

In all the years of policing & at all the police stations I’ve been at, I can’t honestly recall hordes of police officers huddled round the radiogram listening to the pumping vibes. The only places I can ever recall hearing a radio that wasn’t telling me to be somewhere would have been the garage workshops where the civvy mechanics listened to Radio One & the occasional canteen (but they don’t exist anymore & all the divisional garages have gone), so I’m at a loss to understand why UK police forces are forking out  around £825,000 a year in Performing Rights payments. The Telegraph quipped that we were paying for iPlod licences, oh how I laughed.

The campiagn I reported on last year must have been successful since most forces are now paying. The differences between forces is quite staggering. Notts pay £325 a year to have music in its main dining room while Merseyside paid £47,752 to cover all force premises. Last year Thames Valley paid £48,073 compared with £124 in 2007.

It’s just as well we’re not facing a big squeeze.