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December 6th, 2009

Good Job

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We may not be available to see everyone within a reasonable amount of time but we do pull out the stops with certain crimes.

Distraction burglaries cover a range of crimes but are basically where someone pretends to be someone they’re not in order to gain the trust of an elderly victim, get into their house & steal their cash.

These used to be almost exclusively water board distractions. The scum would knock on an elderly resident’s door & give some cock & bull story about a water leak in the street or at a neighbour’s house which would require the occupant to turn their taps on, while they were doing this a second offender would enter the house & while the resident was ‘distracted’ sorting out the taps, the scumbags were in her bedroom nicking her life savings.

I’ve been to jobs where the victim has lost anything between twenty quid & twenty thousand quid. Property stolen has included bank cards to war medals.

We do detect these from time to time. The offenders are, in the vast majority of cases, travellers who may cross several police districts to carry out their ’employment’. Most detections come from behind the scenes police work which leads to an arrest with the hope of further confessions.

Catching a distraction burglar in the act is high on many officers target lists.

We had a job recently where the travellers in question had done away with the distraction element, favouring just barging in, threatening the terrified lady with violence if  she got off her chair while they ransacked the place before making off with a fist full of cash.

Unusually, a neighbour had seen the pond life jumping into a car & disappearing out of the cul-de-sac.

Units were despatched, one to go straight to the address & others to look for the car.

I like to think it was skill, experience & good judgement that one of the police cars I tasked to a specific area picked up the offenders, but whether it was that or simply luck, the getaway vehicle was spotted. Fortunately it was just a standard hatchback & not a nicked Imprezza or Audi.

A short pursuit followed which wasn’t called off for health & safety reasons & two scumbag distraction burglars were snared. I believe several more offences were detected as a direct result & the offenders are awaiting sentencing.

Doubtless, the penalty won’t fit the crime despite the previous similar convictions & the devastating impact on the victims.

But, for a nice change, several people went home pleased after that shift.