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December 4th, 2009

A simple procedure

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I love a good ‘elf ‘n safety story.

Until five weeks ago the kids at a school in Totnes, Devon, could walk to school in perfect safety knowing that their friendly local lollipop man would see them safely across the road. All this changed when the lollipop person went on extended sick leave.

A father of one of the kids at the school stepped into the breach & for the last 5 weeks he has given up his own free time, twice a day, to see the children across the road. He even had a reflective jacket. Sadly for the kids at the school, someone complained to the council & Craig Hodge, 38, a father of three, was told by the local police that he had to stop helping the children across the road because he was acting illegally & hadn’t been checked, vetted or trained.

In fact, Mr Hodge is a  football coach for kids & has already been checked & vetted for his role in youth football. Presumably, it is less dangerous to have nobody helping the kids cross the road than it is to have a guy in a flourescent jacket who appears to have survived 38 years crossing roads & has recent experience helping his own kids cross roads, because he is not a trained lollipop man.

Wouldn’t it have made a better story if the local old bill had whisked the man  up to County Hall for an hour to undertake the requisite training. A spokesman for the council said they had to put a stop to Mr Hodge’s help because procedures hadn’t been followed.