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December 1st, 2009

Some Good USA News

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Seattle Police in Washington have shot & killed the fugitive who gunned down 4 Lakewood Police, officers 2 days ago. Officers Tina Griswold, Ronald Owens, Greg Richards & Sgt Mark Renninger were shot & killed as they sat in a cafe.

A seatlle police officer investigating an unattended stolen vehicle  became aware of a man nbehind him, turning he immediately recognised wanted killer Maurice Clemmons who made off. Clemmons was ordered to stop but when he didn’t the officer shot & killed him.

Assistant Police Chief Pugel told a press conference that Clemmons was found in possession of  the officers firearms. He had a bullet injury to his stomach believed to be inflicted by one of the dying officers who shot at Clemmons as he fled the scene.

Apparently it’s not only the UK that releases dangerous criminals; Clemmons was previously sentenced to 95 years in prison for violence but the sentence was commuted in 2000 & he was released, soon reverting to crime.

Interestingly, when speaking to the press about the shooting of Cremons the following words don’t appear to have been used, “officer suspended” & “IPCC investigating