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November 17th, 2009

Fighting to get in

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You get some funny people in this job. Alan Pepworth, I guess, comes into that category. For some reason he was determined to be locke dup by polic ein his local town of Ayr, Scotland. It seems the local police weren’t too obliging & denied him his wish to spend the night in the cells.

Some people go to great lengths to get locked up. I once nicked a guy who, already being locked up for punching his wife, decided he wanted to be locke dup for something a bit more serious so he punched me in the face on the way to the car. His reason genuinely was that he thought getting nicked on a domestic was a bit petty so it would look better if he got nicked for assault on police.

He got done for both, he never did pay the compensation.

Young Mr Pepworth was so determined to get locked up that he went into the local nick at Ayr & set fire to the foyer in the police station. He had his wish when the Sheriff imprisoned him this week.