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November 16th, 2009

This week I have been mostly…

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…ringing people before I finish my shift to tell them what they’ve already worked out for themselves, that we haven’t had anyone free to go & see them yet.

Well, that’s what I usually do on a late shift, but this week was a slightly different matter. For 2 days I didn’t have to ring anyone. I can scarcely believe it myself as I sit here & type the words, but for 2 days we had loads of officers. We must have had 10 patrol cars available for most of the shift. This meant that when we got the usual shite that takes ages with no real resul, we still had other officers to attend people’s burglaries & assaults.

It was quite a busy few days on the division. When I sat down to the terminal at the start of the shift we had probably double the amount of jobs we normally have during the week. We had a steady flow of jobs throughout the shift, which was unusual as often they come in fits & starts. We had a full shift for a change, nobody was off sick or on leave or a course. We also had a couple of the night shift come in early able to take out a couple of cars.

I was able to get almost all of the jobs where people were actually available to be seen assigned to a unit to deal with. We managed to decrease the amount of jobs to a level lower than it was when we took over which is quite unusual since the bulk of our calls come in during the evening.

It lasted two days, on the third day we were back to ‘normal’ staffing levels, and guess what, we started the shift qith about 20 jobs on the box & ended it with about 36. I had to ring a good dozen people to let them know we wouldn’t be attending today. I have no doubt that the controller who took over the next day would be ringing several of the same people putting them off for another day. When I go back in 2 days time I guarantee I’ll speak to at least 2 people I spoke to yesterday to apologise once again.

To my simple reckoning I think that with more officers we just might be able to provide some kind of service people might be a bit more pleased with. We don’t need thousands of brand new recruits, just a few more of what we’ve got driving patrol cars, that’s all.