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November 13th, 2009

Police are Rude & Sarcastic – Official

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It seems that police officers are rude, sarcastic & overbearing. According to stats from Greater Manchester, over a fifth of all complaints about police are about rudeness. GMP officers & staff are being sent on courses to improve the way they talk to members of the public, and being told to stop being sarcastic, rude & overbearing. It seems the worst offenders are call takers, drug teams & riot squads.

200 officers are undergoing retraining. A superintendent from the force’s rubber heel squad said: “It is not about officers shouting and swearing at the public, it is more than that. It is about deportment; how that officer stands at a person’s door, for example.”

I’m sure the riot squad & drugs teams will now know exactly how to stand & to say please when they are battering down the door of some drug dealer at 5 in the morning. I feel completely left out now as my 30 years’ service didn’t see any complaints about incivility & I’m sure I told a good few people their fortunes over the years.

Apparently the course has had some success with complaints about invicility reducing. It must be one hell of a course which can deter people from being short with members of the public after a 10 hour shift in a busy call centre with few breaks, a target culture to end the call so that the next can be answered within 10 seconds, speaking to some of the most highly stressed or objectionable people in the country.

I expect the drop in complaints is because everyone attending the course has a shift or two less a year to try being rude to someone because they’re on a course.