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November 10th, 2009

Poor Gordon

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Poor Gordon Brown, he can’t seem to get anything right. Anyone who has read this blog for longer than a few weeks will know that I don’t have much respect for senior police officers or politicians. On this occasion I do genuinely feel quite sorry for him.

His letter to Jacqui Janes offering condolenses for the loss of her son, soldier Jamie Janes who was killed in Afghanistan, has been used for political gain by a press eager to sieze on every opportunity to turn on a government it once supported, shame on the Sun. I don’t know if this is callous or not but poor Mrs Janes has taken the letter completely out of context & sees insult  & outrage where there is none.  He represents the cause of her son’s death & her take on the letter is clearly one that the person who was repsonsible for his death can do no right. OK, maybe he should have redrafted the letter when he made the spelling error of her son’s name rather than simply overwriting it, as we all do on those rare occasions when we actually use a pen & paper.  But the fact that there may be one or two words misspelled is hardly proof of the man’s callousness.

I have no real idea what a prime minister does for 18 hours a day but I guess there isn’t that much time to sit down & write a personal letter. I would imagine that most other people in that situation would utilise a civil servant & merely sign the letter as one of a whole pile on his in tray.

There are many things you can criticise Mr Brown for, writing a letter to a greiving parent for a son lost in service to the country isn’t one of them.