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November 8th, 2009

What exactly do they do?

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You have to wonder sometimes what it is human resource departments do when they recruit people. I expect that ours is no different to any other HR department throughout the land.

You’d kind of think that they might have some kind of expertise in selecting the right people for the job, that they themselves may even have been recruited for this knowledge & expertise. Sadly not. We still get people coming through the doors who, for one reason or another, don’t last five minutes.

We had one girl who burst into tears every time someone rang in with an emotional tale to tell. Bearing in mind the kinds of calls we take from the public, there are some very sad stories come over the 999s. I know it’s sometimes helpful to show empathy for others but it really doesn’t help the quality of the information going on a log if the calltaker has to type on a wet keyboard.

The best one though was a girl who applied for a job in the control room of her local police force – us. She passed the paper-sift & then the interview & was duly offered employment. She attended, & passed, the training course which consisted of a few weeks in a classroom learning the various IT systems.

She came into the control room & was assigned a trainer to show her the ropes. The trainer on that occasion happened to be a police officer.

Things didn’t go too well, for either of them. It was probably fair to report that it didn’t look like she had made a wise career choice & that the PC’s attempts to teach her the job was falling on deaf ears.

It then transpired during a ‘management review’ that she didn’t realise – when she applied for the job as a controller in the police control room – that she would be working with police officers much less be trained by one!

Apparently , she had been given a speeding ticket some time before & had a healthy disregard for police officers who were all jumped up little Hitlers.

She decided the best course of action was probably to resign.