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November 7th, 2009

I’ll vote for that!

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A ‘right-leaning’ think tank (whatever the hell that is, I expect I help for it) has come up with an extension to a system similar to one in the US of A where police chief’s are elected by the local community. I’m not to au fait with the American system but I believe that some sheriffs are locally elected.

It’s an extension of the Conservative Party’s suggestion to have elected chief constables. Policy Exchange, the think tank mentioned, is going a stage further by suggesting that area commanders be elected. This would bring control of the local police down to the public who would vote for the police chief in their local division & would, apparently, mean that the local police chief would have to direct their efforts to solving the problems the local communtiy want solving.

I’ve not given the idea too much thought as I only read it 5 minutes ago when thinking of something for today’s blog entry, but it strikes me as a fantastic idea.

How much constabulary (i.e. yours & my cash) would be spent on fatuously pathetic diversity training if the local populace realised we were sending officers to expensive country mansions to be told that not all travellers are thieves & we need to be nice to Romanian beggars. How many government targets could we drop if the local chief realised the public just want us to stop local chavs pissing up their garden fences?

I bet the local chief inspector would think twice if he knew I could get a couple of thousand votes to sack him for trying to transfer  me to Auchtermuchty because I ignore his emails.

Where do I sign?