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November 4th, 2009

There she blows!

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In my efforts to bring you the best police-related stories from the UK & beyond, I found myself on the website of The Courier, a newspaper in Findlay, Ohio, US of A.

The reason I was there was for a story which lasts the sum total of just one line. The story is reproduced below.

A woman called the police early Saturday morning during an argument with her husband after he claimed that the woman’s daughter performed oral sex on him, and the daughter was better at it.


There are all sorts of questions which arise from that one. Further investigation revealed that the daughter was not the daughter of the husband & was not under age. I wonder what the woman was told when she rang 911  or whether the call taker was experienced enough to help the caller, say by giving the woman some proper advice on technique?

Personally, I thought the story sucked.

If any of them get prosecuted over the act, or the call to police, I trust they’ll get a stiff sentence!