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October 22nd, 2009

Popcorn at the ready

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Well I won’t be watching Question Time tonight, you know the one, with BNP leader Nick Griffin.

I won’t be watching it not because I want to make some kind of protest but because I’m off out for the evening, hopefully having some fun.

I do make a point of watching Question Time, I like to be fairly well up on current affairs & I love seeing politicians squirm, so I shall watch it  another day. It should be interesting. I’ve not seen any news today but will be interested to see if the free speech Nazis manage to create trouble for the BBC in their hypocritic attempts  promote truth, freedom & the British way but only on their terms.

I do get fed up with all the people & politicians spouting off about banning their appearance on the BBC, particularly Peter Hain who threatens to bring the full force of the law against the BBC if they allow Griffin a platform. Firstly, if he wants to talk about using the law to promote decency & good order I’ll hear his list of politicians who should be prosecuted for fraud & secondly, either the BNP is a lawful organisation or it isn’t & since his party which has a creative history of banning things it doesn’t think the people are grown up enough to deal with, they haven’t banned it, yet, so until they do, it should have the same opportunities as any other lawful group.

I’m big enough, ugly enough & grown up enough to make my own mind up, I don’t need a group who think their views trump all others telling me what I can or can’t listen to.