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October 19th, 2009

We only accept PC rioters

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It must have been interesting to be a fly on the wall in Ian McPherson’s house this week.

Mr McPherson is the chief constable of Norfolk who may have been a little annoyed at the actions of his 17-year-old son Jack recently.

Jack and several of his school mates were recently recruited to form part of a hostile crowd during as police riot training exercise. They were told to taunt the officers who would presumably implement various riot techniques in a practice senario without the risk of appearing on YouTube or the BBC News.

Young Jack took to the role quite keenly; he made some banners for him & his mates to carry during the pretend riot. One of them read “I’m McPherson’s son” and another read “All policewomen are dykes“.

Jack was removed from the training exercise & his father was informed. He promptly attended the night exercise where he & his son made an apology to those officers present. Norfolk police are keen to point out that Jack doesn’t actually believe that all police women are dykes but that he thought the comment was within the brief to tease officers.

One might have thought that if any action was necessary to protect the sensibilities of officers during riot training, then an apology at the time might have been appropriate. Not so for the person who made an official complaint later which apparently lead to the IPCC being consulted. Presumably the person who made the complaint was some kind of staff since the report states that the site where the training took place was secure & no members of the public were present.

Let’s hope that the officers training to deal with unruly crowds don’t face anything so nasty in a real riot, lest they drop their shields & all run off to the IPCC.