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October 15th, 2009

Different Strokes

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You wouldn’t think working two different divisions could be so different. After all, it’s the same job with the same types of call. Both divisions are similar in size, with similar population makeup.

When I get rostered to work one I look forward to it but when I find out I’m working the other I feel a sense of depressing foreboding.

The reason they are so different is down to the personnel; the officers & staff who work those divisions.

I’m not sure how to explain the difference between the shifts  other than perhaps there are a few dominant personalities whose work ethos rubs off on the rest.

I don’t enjoy working S-Division because the dominant ethic seems to be to question anything you send them to. Questions range from ‘haven’t you got anyone else?’ to ‘why are we being sent to that?’ Sometimes they spend more time arguing the toss about whether they should deal with something than it would to actually just go & deal with it. Not everyone at S-Division is like this, but when the experienced officers are like this you can understand why the newer ones might be emulating it.

A shift on S-Div sometimes feels like a battle of wits, almost a competition to see who gets their way. I like a good head to head but that battle provides no pleasure.

B-Division is totally different. You get no arguments, in fact you usually get volunteers. Working B-Div is a pleasure & you can leave work satisfied that you’ve actually  made a difference.

I’m not sure the differences are much to do with supervision; the strange thing is that the S-Div sergeant is reasonably keen & helpful, while the B-Div sergeant appears to sit on his arse in the office all day picking holes in things.