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October 13th, 2009

What’s worse than scum?

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Whatever it is can be applied to the latest money-making ventures for the pondlife who don’t have the morals of a piece of shite.

Pretending to be from the water board so they can trick their way into someone’s house & steal whatever they can get their hands on is getting to be too much like hard work for a certain section of society. Their latest ruse is to ring old people up & pretend to be police officers. They tell their helpless victims that their bank accounts have been defrauded & the victim needs to give them their PIN numbers & leave all their bank cards out to be collected by an officer later.

Most people would, quite rightly smell a rat – nobody legitimate asks for your PIN number, not even your bank. The only reason for knowing a PIN number is to get cash from a cashpoint or pay for an item you’re buying when you are present. Sadly, a lot of our older folk are not crime-aware & can be too trusting & they reveal their PIN. Thinking they are helping the police, they also leave their bank cards to be collected by the scum.

This week, an 80-year-old woman from Essex had £28,000 removed from her accounts following this scam.

Now might be a good time to remind elderly relatives never to give out their PINs or any other personal information, come to that.

As for the people who do this, worse than scum.