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October 12th, 2009

Open plan

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Welcome to visiting readers from the Airgun BBS forums who are visiting the blog to look at my Can I go to the toilet now, Miss? entry, though they’re not really discussing it as such, one person kind of agreed with the article, & the other just slagged off the police, but over 120 of them have visited. Hi!, I take it none of your members were involved in this incident at all? Airgun users, what a bunch of tossers.*

Anyway, back to today’s entry.

You see some sights in this job, some are wonderful, some amazing, some shocking, some unbelievable. Catching people having sex in public was usually game for a laugh, if only to see them squirming in embarassment, especially when you point out the CCTV cameras & let them know they’ve been on candid camera for the last 15 minutes & that they need to keep an eye out for forthcoming episodes of Nightwatch or Cops with Cameras. There must be millions of places you can have sex in public where others aren’t going to see you, though I suppose if your into dogging that fact isn’t particularly helpful.

Leanne Richardson & Ross Welsh would have done well to have thought about before they engaged in a good old fashioned bunk up. The fact that they did it in broad daylight was possibly risky enough but their choice of prime sex location wasn’t the best choice in the world; the couple chose to get their bits out in the rear car park of Portobello police station in Edinburgh. They had met for the first time in a nearby pub prior to their performance. Officers were alerted by members of the public. The couple was fined £200 for their troubles this week.

* I don’t actually think this, just using the same reasoning as the guy over at the Airgun Forums.