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October 9th, 2009

Can I go to the toilet now, Miss?

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The people who run the control room must have gone to the same management course as those who run junior schools & government.

Not so long ago, they tried out a new & innovative management style called Trust. This was a sea-change in the style which had pertained for many years prior, called Blame.

In the Blame management style it was held that everything was somebody’s fault. If something went wrong, there were consequences & therefore penalties to be paid. For example, if an officer was involved in an RTC, they were suspended from driving automatically, even when the accident was not their fault. Everything had a can & someone had to carry it.

Under the system of Trust it was decided that the vast majority of staff weren’t all about creating problems for the management, that they just wanted to do a good day’s work for a good day’s pay & that their intentions were usually benevolent. It also held that anything they did wrong, probably wasn’t done with any malicious intent & that everyone was entitled to make a genuine mistake. So, for instance, we stopped automatically suspending drivers who had been involved in RTCs unless there was evidence that they had been realy careless. Simple mistakes could be dealt with by advice or guidance rather than the discipline procedure. It was great, the bosses were going to treat their staff like adults for a change. It was lauded with fanfares with posters & leaflets plastered everywhere. There was even training.

It did not last long. We appear to have entered the Junior School period of management. This has crept in with much less fanfare.

Now, if someone makes a mistake, this is evidence that everyone is incompetent. So, if someone spills a cup of tea on a keyboard, everyone is banned from drinking tea at their desk. If someone fails to clean the microwave threats are made to everyone else to take it away. If someone trips over an unthoughtfully placed bag, rather than tell the individuals to be more careful, bags are banned from the room. If someone misuses the Internet, everyone gets blocked.If someone gets caught leaving work too early, everyone has to stay on until the precise minute their shift ends.

Instead of treating everyone as individuals, we are all treated as errant children.

It’s an interesting management concept. I wonder which style produces a better product from the workforce.