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October 8th, 2009

Cheap at half the price

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In a world where you can get £10,000 cash  for ‘deep offense’ if someone asks you to take off your turban so you can put a riot helmet on to protect you from bricks & petrol bombs, or £11,000 cash for hurt feelings when someone calls you a ‘prat who looks like Bin Laden’, or even £400,000 for cutting your fingers to such an extent you can’t work, you’d have thought a really life-threatening assault might attract a pretty substantial compensation award.

15-year-old Jessica Knight was nearly killed in an unprovoked attack in January 2008. During the assault she received over 20 stab wounds. Her injuries included a perforated upper and lower bowel, a collapsed lung and stab wounds to her face, neck and back. She received a stab wound to the eye which has left her with double vision for which she is still undergoing treatment. She received life-saving treatment necessitating several operations, she also suffered a stroke whilst still in a coma after the attack.

A male was subsequently jailed for life for attempted murder.

Jessica has just received notice of her compensation award from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. Her total award is for £18,895.

It makes you proud to be British.