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October 7th, 2009

What grips yours?

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I was listening to the radio today. They were talking about thinks which wind you up. I thought that might make for a blog entry so I thought I’d seem the opinions from readers.

Here’s a few things that wind me up, police or not-police related:

  • People you give way to who haven’t got the common courtesy to wave or mouth ‘thankyou’, ignorant bastards & bitches. Especially the woman who my wife gave way to this week even though she had the right of way, who promptly went & parked outside my house  even though she has a drive & a garage on her side of the road rather than use the communal area which means walking an extra 20 yards, lazy cow.
  • Bosses who send round questionnaires/voting forms for potential changes asking for opinions & a vote in the attempt to make it look like our opinions matter & the department is all-inclusive, but who take no notice of the vote & do what they wanted to do all along. What a waste of time & effort & it just makes us realise that actually, you really don’t give a fuck.
  • People who think they need to shout when their mate is standing next to them, this has more effect when done at 3am outside my bedroom.
  • Chavs who think I have the remotest desire to listen to their shite music when they drive past me in the town in their shite Corsas.

I’ll stop now otherwise if I start thinking about stuff that happened before today I’ll be here this time next month.

So, what grips yours?