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October 2nd, 2009

All sorts

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The last 3 posts have been so weighty I think I need to sit down with a cold glass of something.

Nothing so deep today, although it is closely related.

I check my stats to see where people are coming from & quite often see a little surprise or two. It’s sometimes amazing which people are discussing things they saw on my blog. This week was no surprise.

I have had a few people visit me from the Cable Forums. They have 61,000 members & over 1.5million posts, mostly discussing cable broadband. Someone honed in on the last 3 days’s entries here during a discussion about the Mrs Pilkington case entitled “Suicide pair let down by the system?”.

I usually get a few visits from SafeSpeed & a couple of 4×4-type forums whenever I mention anything to do with driving.

What cheered me up most was appearing on Swingers Heaven, yep a discussion forum for  ‘all liberated adults, swingers and doggers in the UK’ who are also discussing the same case. Fantastic!

I suppose it takes all sorts.