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September 27th, 2009

I won’t be in Monday, I’m working

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One of the by-products of the way they run the control room is the large amount of overtime available.

Personally, I have so much I need to be getting on with in my real life that I don’t even want to be there when I’m at work let alone when I’m at home. It’s just that bills still need to be paid. I do find that work is one big interruption to everything else I want to be doing. This is not the case for others who seem to lap up all the extra money-earning opportunities.

When the requests for OT come out there are usually the same people at the front of the queue. Fair play to them I suppose, I wouldn’t do it. It helps the job out & they end up with a few grand a year extra so I guess everyone’s a winner.

It’s good to catch up with old mates who have left the control room for one reason or another but come back to do overtime & keep their skill levels up. Some controllers end up transferring to other departments or even joining the job as a PC or a PCSO, often they’ll come back for a bit of OT.

Most of them say how glad they are to be out of it & things seem much worse than when they left, and they’re right.

When you have a rest day cancelled or when you’re on rest days on a bank holiday, you get an extra day off in lieu. These can be taken like annual leave days & can be a useful addition to your days off without having to use holiday leave.

Some people take the OT lark really seriously; it’s been known for some to book their extra rest days off & then work them as overtime. In effect they are actually just working their normal shift but doing it at overtime rates. The problem is that because they are showing as day off, it means someone else can’t take the day off, then they come back & work, kind of like covering their own absence but at an enhanced rate.

I suppose it’s up to them how they spend their days off.

I’d have thought, with all the OT being dished out, it would be cheaper to employ more people, but what do I know?