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September 22nd, 2009

Bedtime reading

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The National Policing Improvement Agency was set up in 2007 by the government to “make a unique contribution to improving public safety”. They take a lead on forming policies & procedures, deal with recommendations for equipment & technology & generally anything to do with making policing in the UK better.

They issue a monthly ‘digest’ or newsletter which contains information of interest to those involved in policing. It’s called the NPIA Digest, and you can if you’re really anal or bored, download a copy.

I had a glance of the September 2009 issue. It contains a wealth of items some of which may be of use to some police officers.

In this month’s packed issue you can see sections on:

Legislation – such things as the Equality Bill & bills before Parliament are discussed.

Government & Parliamentary News – info on the Policing Pledge with a report on the English Local Strategy Partnerships.

Police – The IPCC Annual Report, Management of Police Pursuits & Home Office Circulars.

Crime – Homicides by people with mental illness on the increase, drugs misuse stats

Criminal Justice System – Youth Crime Action Plans

News in Brief

Case Law – items appearing in appeal courts which shape current law

Some of the above will be of more interest than others to police officers but the thing which struck me straight away is that in each issue the first section after the Contents page is not Crime, Police or Law but is a section entiled Diversity in which you can read about Stonewall’s new “What’s it got to do with you leaflet“.

I wonder how the order of sections reflects the importance placed on them or whether it’s just my usual cynical  viewpoint which thinks that more importance is placed on diversity than things like crime & learning the law.