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September 20th, 2009

Spoilt Brats

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A psychologist this week published a book entitled “The Spoilt Generation” is going against the grain with current thinking (of those in power) by suggesting that children & young people’s rights should be curtailed & have contributed to  generation of spoiled kids.

Dr Aric Sigman claims that young people are so used to a sense of entitlement that they are growing up unprepared for adult life & says that parents, teachers &  police have lost the power to discipline them. He says, “Authority is a basic health requirement in childrens’ lives. But, while children have been increasingly ’empowered’ in terms of legislation & rights, far from being protected, they are actually suffering in ways what could never have been forseen.

“Adults must be legally empowered to deal with both their own & other people’s children without the fear that they may be confronted or prosecuted for doing so.”

I can’t help agreeing with the good doctor. We’ve seen a generation of policy-makers consistently making rules, laws & procedures which have ground down any concept that kids shoulface any kind of consequence for their actions which has led to a generation of parents who have all but abregated their own responsibility to bring up their kids in a way which instills a sense of social responsibility.

Dr Sigman is calling for politicians to draw up laws that would curtail young people’s rights & reassert the authority of adults.

He’ll have no chance, then.