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September 19th, 2009

We’re all reds under the bed

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Before I retired from the job, I had to apply to come back as a civvy. I say ‘apply’ I didn’t fill out any application forms, I just told the department head that I wanted to come back.

Before I could be offered a job I had to have security checks. Fair enough, obviously, being a police officer for 30 years without a single discipline record let alone any type of conviction or caution, was not enough. So I waited for the checks to come through. In the meantime I had to show proof of identity to the HR department.

I thought they were having a laugh, I mean, I had worked for them for 30 years, they paid my salary into the same bank account for the majority of those 30 years, they had sent staff round to my house on occasions over the years (injury on the job, etc), they had my photograph & fingerprints on record, but somehow seeing my marriage certificate, birth certificate, passport & a household bill were the missing ingredients to show them I had not been an imposter for 30 years.

So a news item this week should come as no surprise. Titled ‘Police face second vetting for database‘, it goes on to outline that tens of thousands of officers will be vetted for the anti-paedophile database despite already being cleared for their job. Officers ion close contact with children or vulnerable adults will have to be cleared by the Independent Safeguarding Authority even though they’ve had a full criminal record check. Forces will be expected to pay thr £64 registration fee for each officer.

This whole anti-paedophile is following on from the terrorism threat.  A squillionth of one percent of the population are terrorists but we are now led to believe they are everywhere, especially among photographers. A squillionth of one percent of the population are paedophiles but we are being dragged down the same route that every adult is a suspect & the only way to fight it is to check everyone.