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September 17th, 2009

Joined-up policy-making

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I sometimes wish the government would just make up its mind & stick to it.

First they announce that anyone who so much as looks at a child must undergo rigorous criminal records checks, then 3 days later say actually, it’s not set in stone & we are getting someone to review whether it goes too far.

OK, so they didn;t actually say they’d enforce CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks if you just happened to be in the same street as a child but they did say it would cover anyone who had regular contact with children & cited assisting in transporting children for sports club events or helping at the local browniw pack by giving lifts to outings.

No sooner than the news had been announced than one half  were bemoaning the nanny state & forecasting the large scale closure of football clubs as it would put off potential helpers due to the bureaucratic madness of it all, whilst the other half were ending their proclamations with “…if it saves just one child…”

Of course, being a government thing, the scheme wouldn;t be an enhancement of the current CRB check system just including more people, no, it would be a whole new scheme with a brand new database – probably costing squillions & being completely disfunctional – and furthermore, everyone who has already had CRB checks would be required to register with the new scheme & be checked all over again. Official quotes suggested around 11 million people would be eligible for the new requirements.

It seems the new scheme would add a whole new level of bureaucracy to that already present which already fulfills a very similar need & comments have been so negative that the government have been forced into a re-think; they announced this week that someone important was to review the proposals.

Joined-up-government making policy by wetting a finger & sticking it in the air? 10p tax, Gurkha rights, ID cards, marching people off the the cashpoint, anyone?