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September 14th, 2009

Some People

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In my time in the job I’ve known officers with other financial interests. This has not been a problem for a number of years, so long as any business interest is registered. Some outside jobs are banned, you can’t work in a pub or do security work but there are plenty of other ways of earning a little extra to supplement the old salary and it’s all legal.

I’ve known people who drive coaches on their days off, repair computers, deliver cars, install windows, all sorts.

Victoria Thorne, a PC from Northumbria Police had a novel way of earning a little extra; she was a £100-an-hour prostitute. That wouldn’t have been so bad had she not started checking the job’s databases & PNC for her pimp. A court heard this week how she also checked out other prostitutes on the police computers.

Thorne joined the job in 2002 & 4 years later became a hooker. She said she did it to earn extra money plus it gave her “interesting social opportunities”.

She was jailed for 15 months at Newcastle Crown Court.

Some people, eh?