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September 11th, 2009

Some people just have to bend over & speach comes out

This post is dedicated to the extra visitors this week to my blog from the folks at the Quarter-to-three Forums who, for reasons best known to themselves are currently discussing a case from 2007 where sensational – and incorrect – journalism reported two PCSOs standing by while a young boy drowned. I blogged about it at the time here & here.

Whilst, like most forums, some people do talk sense, a lot of folk over there sure have refined the art of talking out of their arses.

I was reminded of their post watching Traffic Cops tonight when a young man who couldn’t swim fell into a Manchester canal with tens of people nearby, several police officers arrived, nobody dived in to search for the man who had gone under because it was deemed too dangerous. The brigade attended, two fire officers located the man, pulled him out but he couldn’t be revived.

I don’t recall seeing a public furore in the press about all the members of the public & police who ‘watched a boy drown’.

Anyway, to the folks at Quarter to Three, I’d just like to point out the following….

Nanny dies while trying to save drowning boy

Woman dies after trying to save drowning child from lake in N.L.

Family mourns hero dad Jose Luis Olivares who drowned trying to save daughter from dangerous waves

Plainsboro woman drowns trying to save dog from frozen pond

Mother and son died trying to save drowning daughter

3 die trying to save drowning girl at Fort Worth park

BROTHER AND SISTER DROWN.; She Is Lost While Trying to Save Him

Woman dies while trying to rescue drowning boy

Man Drowns Trying to Save Daughter in Muskoka

Hero father drowns trying to save girl after council removes life-saving equipment to thwart vandals

Man, 19, Drowns Trying To Save Boy

Father drowns while trying to save sons in Ras Al Khaimah

Local Lawyer Dies in Attempt to Save Drowning Children

2 rescuers drown trying to save 4 beachgoers off Ilocos Norte

St. Charles man drowns trying to save children

Man dies trying to save drowning cousin

Man Dies Trying to Save Fiance’s Drowning Child

Father dies trying to save his teenage sons in surf

Man Dies After Saving Wife And Daughter From Drowning At Queens Beach

Woman drowns trying to save son in Miyazaki

Priest’s tragic attempt to save a life ‘heroic’

Most of the above stories are where people were seen in difficulty, not when they’d been probably dead for between 10 & 30 minutes. I’m sure there are hundreds or possibly thousands of other cases.

To the armchair quarterbacks at Quarter-to-three, sometimes it;s better to keep your mouth closed & appear stupid than to open it & remove all doubt.