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September 9th, 2009

The new drug

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Isn’t it amazing how much we have come to rely on the Internet.

We’re having some building work done at the moment, part of the luxuries of a police commutation. Consequently, early this morning the sockets where our Internet connection had to be moved elsewhere which meant switching off the electricty for the best part of the day & then not having the cable socket replaced until tomorrow.

It’s caused chaos at Weeks Towers. Mrs Weeks can’t arrange her coffee mornings or whatever else it is she does all day while I’m at work. The kids can’t get on Facebook or check the last train times for 2 in the morning or whenever it is one of them rolls through the door. And I can’t get on & do serious research, or look at any porn.

It wouldn’t be so bad if a certain teenager didn’t wander all over the house asking if the Internet is back every ten minutes. After tea this evening we all so bored that we actually had to talk to each other. Possibly the first time since Mrs Weeks said “How about it?” many years ago.

I have a secret weapon. I’ve managed, more by luck than judgement, to rig my laptop up to my mobile phone, so whilst tasteful photographs of pleasant ladies takes too long even for my stamina, I can get on & knock up a quick, non-police related blog.

I wonder if anyone will notice if I ask to the builder to take a day or two longer with that socket.