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September 7th, 2009

Make mine a Ferrari

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I suppose the squeeze on finds for policing is wider-ranging than just the UK. For instance, Italy is having to make cuts because finances are tight.

They will no longer be allowed to drive luxury cars seized from Mafia gangsters because the running costs & spare parts are too expensive.

A scheme last year saw police being allowed to use Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis & Porsches seized from criminals. I knew that the Rome Traffic Police had a Lamborghini Gallardo which was donated by the manufacturer & marked out in blue & white with blue lights, but I wasn’t aware that they were driving converted gangster cars too. In fact, they are on their second one having replaced the one they’ve been using since 2004, in 2008. That’s £140,000 worth of 200mph supercar. And I used to get excited about taking a Sierra Cosworth out.

Sadly, not any more. The Justice Department said: “In order to keep costs to a minimum all police vehicles will now have to be limited to 2.5 litre engines, all luxury cars above that size that have been seized will no longer be used and will instead be kept in judicial custody.”

Imagine just getting onto the department with a Lamborghini, waiting your turn, only to find out it’s gone back to the Justice Department, gutting or what.