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September 6th, 2009

And so it goes

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It’s another of those sadly regular & depressing cases you know most folk would hope shouldn’t happen but continues on an all-too-frequent basis.

Stephen & Iris Hadler were attacked in their beds & killed one July night in 1989. They were 72 & 74 respectively. Mrs Hadler was sexually assaulted & stabbed 11 times. Mr Hadler, who tried to defend his wife though he was partially paralysed through a previous stroke, was stabbed 23 times.

In 1991, Denis Roberts was convicted of the crime & sentenced to life. He has never admitted the crime & has spent his time in jail trying to get early release. His attempts to appeal have been repeatedly denied.

Roberts has a port wine birthmark on his face. Last week he won a case in the High Court against the Ministry of Justice who have prevented him from having treatment to remove the birthmark – cosmetic surgery. His barrister, Adam Straw (coincidentally related to the Justice Minister Jack Straw) argued that his human rights had been breached, He said Roberts had been bullied as a child because of the mark & he suffered humiliation when other prisoners stared at it. He had previously been receiving treatment on the mark but in 2007 governors at Frankland Prison stopped providing an escort to & from jail to the hospital where his treatment had begun.

The costs of the case have been born by the Ministry of Justice i.e. me & all the other taxpayers and his treatment, should it go ahead, will be paid out of the public purse. He is not the first to have cosmetic surgery care of the workers of this country; Tracie Andrews who murdered her boyfriend Lee Harvey in 1996 was given £5,000 of cosmetic surgery & Gurmit Bassi, who stabbed a pregnant woman to death was given liposuction because it was alleged she was self harming.

I’ve probably said this before & I know I’ll say t again, but there are possibly some very valid uses of the Human Rights Act, but there are a whole load of others which just make me think the whole sorry affair should be kicked into touch by a government with balls – so no time soon. Either that or we enshrine in law that the day you decide to plunge a knife into two elderly people incapable of defending themselves after first trying to rape one of them, is the day you give up any & all rights, human or otherwise.