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September 4th, 2009

Chief Constables are bullies – fact

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Thanks to Linda for the heads-up on this one.

Apparently the Superintendents’ Association has been doing some research amongst its members & has found that half of senior officers are stressed & depressed.

A quarter of the 800 officers surveyed reported anxiety symptoms as moderate or severe, more than half complained of working 50-60 hour weeks and 40%  reported that senior management’s approach to managing performance was “harsh and unhelpful”, and nearly a third said chief constables showed “bullying behaviour”. Others said stress and depression could be triggered by the exposure to traumatic incidents they encountered during their work. Nearly 40% said they did not have enough resources or staff to do the job effectively.

Welcome to the world of policing in modern Britain.

I have no doubt that these findings are genuine, but would point out that  the treatment of these officers may be harsh & stress-inducing but I doubt the buck stops at their desks. The police service has a long & fine tradition of passing all the shite southwards until it lands on the shoulders of the bobby on the beat (if there is such a thing these days).

There is nothing in this research which does not apply to the lowest of the low.