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September 1st, 2009

Police are arrogant – fact

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So says one chief constable about forces who don’t visit every victim of crime.

The outgoing chief of Merseyside, Bernard Hogans-Heroes, I mean Hogan-Howe – gosh, that takes me back to my youth, Hogan’s Heroes, legend – said: “It’s wrong for the police service to be arrogant and say we don’t attend a certain kind of incident. You have to go with the victim’s requests.

“Probably only a third of what we deal with is crime. There are many victims of other things but they are still a victim in one way or another and they deserve as much attention.

“I think what’s intolerable is if we don’t appear to care to listen, to do our best to help them through a difficult time and to take reasonable steps to catch the offender and stop it happening again.

“We should do the right thing for the reasonable taxpayer.”

Apparently, eight chiefs have said it is their intention to get officers to visit every victim of crime who wants an officer to call. The Telegraph is calling it a ‘back to basics‘ approach.

Hogan-Howe will leave his job next month to become an Inspector of Constabulary, so we’ll see whether the rest of his cronies take his advice when he is in a position to guide police policy & procedure.

I have to say that I couldn’t agree more with the chief. The trouble is that so many of his colleagues probably didn’t shout loud enough on their way up the slippery pole of promotion, happy to accept the decisions of those out to make a name for themselves by changing policy & procedure for the sake of it & to try & appease those who wanted policing by numbers, rather than policing the public actually wanted.

I know I’ve mentioned this before over the past 4 years of this blog, but back in the day we used to attend every crime, yep, every single crime reported got an officer on the doorstep, usually the same day. Try telling that to the brand new probationer after their first month out on the streets & I guarantee they will wonder how the hell that was possible, especially as there were tens of thousands less officers than today.

Obviously, Hogan-Howe’s suggestion will go nowhere, they’ll be suggesting neighbourhood policing & divisional control rooms where the staff actually know the patch next.