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August 28th, 2009

Resilience, what resiliance?

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Resilience is the latest buzzword flying around the corridors of HQ. There appears to be a law which states the latest buzzword must be mentioned as often & as widely as possible. So we see it in emails, on the intranet & in any publication worth its salt.

Mentioning it appears all that is necessary for the Department in Charge of Making up Policies which sound great but nobody follows, to have fulfilled its brief. Actually doing something about it is immaterial.

Hence in the control room, we have no resilience, at least not where staffing issues are concerned.

We’ve got less staff in the control room than we’ve had in the history of the force. On night shifts the place is like the Marie Celeste.

I remember a few years ago when I was out on the street & one of my colleagues raised the issue of single-crewing radio channels with the chief. We were all told how important it was to have two people working the channel – if one was busy on the phone it was important for officer safety to have someone else permanently listening to the radio in case an officer had problems – the chief said no radio channel would be routinely single crewed. Perhaps policy changed without anyone telling us or the frontline troops because it’s not u usual to have between 20 & 90% of the channels single-crewed.

That’s the state of play when we are ‘fully staffed’.

It will be interesting to see how our ‘resilience’ will be affected once people really start to go down with swine flu after the summer.