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August 23rd, 2009

Good luck with that one

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Australian Police are calling for mandatory jail sentences for those who assault police officers.

The Victoria Police Association have made the call following an assault on an officer in Melbourne which left him with a broken nose & fractured eye-socket.

Bruce McKenzie, the Association secretary said:  “Are Victorians going to just watch police officers and members of the community continue to be killed and seriously injured in our streets at night? We hope not,”  he said. “In our view the solution is simple. More cops. Cops on every street corner just like they have in New York. Mandatory sentencing. Zero tolerance.

Sen-Sgt Davies said there was a prison term of up to two years available for assaulting police and it should be used.  “And none of it should be served at home in mum’s knitting room. People are entitled to go to work and not come home via a hospital,” he said.

It seems they have similar problems in the land of Oz as we do over here. McKenzie said: “It’s just ludicrous that our members are having to – in a so called civilised society – patrol in threes because of the lunatic fringe that we’ve allowed to take over our city, our provincial centres and our suburbs.”

It seems the way society views assaults on police officers is also very similar – the Victorian Government said it has no plans for mandatory sentencing.