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August 10th, 2009

Kidnapping Rife in Scotland

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From time to time I get comments on this blog from people who complain about the police not doing their job, not investigating serious crime whilst dealing with trivia. Sometimes this is valdid, sometimes it’s not.

But a recent case should end this meaningless tattle about the police not investigating serious crime.

Lothian & Borders have just cracked a serious case, north of the border. Raids on 3 houses (or more accurately, 3 gardens) in the Woodburn area of Dalkeith have netted some 200 garden ornaments including 30 garden gnomes. Suspicions were aroused when a large number of ornaments started appearing in the gardens of the suspected theives/kidnappers? Five men & two women are on police bail while police continue their enquiries.

Insp John McGill said: “Over the last few months we have had complaints about garden ornaments going missing across Midlothian. “This might seem like a trivial matter on the face of it but when you are talking about a theft of this magnitude it becomes far more serious. It’s not a laughing matter for the people who have had property stolen.”

I’m sure Lothian & Borders don’t limit themselves to the investigation of such crimes. It’s nice to see the occasional crime story which brings a smile to the face.