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August 9th, 2009

Unhelpful Questioning

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Shocking news today reveals that the British Police are picking on black children & arresting them willy-nilly when they’ve done nothing wrong.

This is the conclusion which is being drawn by  media outlets & MPs out for a few soundbites in attempts to win a them a few desperate extra votes.

Figures obtained by the campaign group Genewatch show that around 1million kids aged 10-17 have been added to the DNA database since its inception in 1995. Around 45,000 black children have been added which apparently represents 23% of all black children in this age group.

By contrast, 440,000 white children have been added but this only represents 10% of white kids in the age group.

Helen Wallace, director of Genewatch said: “The racial bias in the database is shocking and black children have been disproportionately affected.” Keith Vaz MP, chair of the home affairs select committee, said: “Such disparity in the treatment of different ethnic groups is bound to lead to a disintegration of community relations and a lack of trust in the police force.”

Now, I gave up my mathematics & statistics A-level after 3 or 4 months & swapped to something altogether easier, so my adding up might not be quite up to scratch, but isn’t 440,000 add 45,000 almost 500,000? So what happened to the other half a million kids of the 1 million on the DNA database, surely they can’t all be non-white & non-black?

So, the only conclusion to be drawn is that the police are racist. Let’s not bother finding out what proportion of black & white kids have criminal records or were wrongfully arrested. Nor whether any racial groups have a higher propensity to commit crime than any others.  I’d love to know, for instance, what proportion of the traveller community have a conviction versus any other group, but I suspect it might not do much for social cohesion.

It may be that the police are unfairly targeting certain groups, but before reaching that conclusion I think the awkward questions should at least be asked.