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August 5th, 2009

Behind the Mask

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It often seems like in the police we have a department in charge of coming up with gimmicks.

The South Yorkshire Department of Gimmicks has come up with the fantastic idea that two female police sergeants & a PCSO should dress up in burkhas for the day & go out in public. The ‘experiment’ took place earlier this year & followed a similar on in Barnsley.

Sgt Deb Leonard who took part in the event said:  “I have gained an appreciation and understanding of what Muslim females experience when they walk out in public in clothing appropriate to their beliefs. We are keen to gain a better understanding of issues which our communities face.”

Which is nice.

A spokesman for the force said the exercise, called ‘In Your Shoes Day’, was designed to help officers interact better with the Muslim community across Sheffield.

‘This exercise is just one of many activities South Yorkshire Police have planned with communities and ethnic minority leaders to secure strong relationships, celebrate diversity and encourage integration, working towards a safer, closer society,’ she added.

I often wonder if it really is the job of the police to get  ‘celebrate diversity’ & encourage integration which reminds me of awful similarities with the thought police – you must believe this or that by order of the state!

Unsurprisingly, lots of people feel that this is/was a waste of tax-payers money, after all, that’s three officers wages for a day who could have otherwise been serving their communities rather than spending the day pretending to be Muslims.

Douglas Murray, director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, said:  “I did not know it was the job of police to see how people feel. I thought it was their job to solve crimes. This is a fantastic demonstration that for the last 10 years the British police have been having an institutional nervous breakdown. They do not know what their job or their role is.”

Matthew Elliott of the Tax Payers’ Alliance called it a ‘politically correct gimmick’. Others have gone further, Sid Cordle, of the Christian Peoples Alliance said the burkha was a symbol of the oppression of women, “Are they going to go out dressed as prostitutes or the homeless to see how they feel?”

Is this another example of the police falling into line with the modern government’s social experiment, cow-towing to the demands of another minority, bending over backwards to prove that racism has been left behind? I’m not sure. I would suggest if the sergeants really want to know what it’s customers feel like they might want to dress up as an average householder, stay at home being targeted with anti social behaviour & minor crime & wait in for 5 nights running until a police officer who should have been there within a couple of hours on the first day, if they’re not too busy dressing up as someone else & not doing police work. Of course, if they did it on a rest day, I take it all back.