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August 4th, 2009

Angels & Demons

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One of the inevitable consequences of working on the radio is that someone will be quite rude. In fairness, it works both ways, there is just as much chance that a controller will be rude to an officer as an officer being rude to a controller.

Often this is simply borne of frustration that one party is not doing what the other party wants. Nerves get frayed & people can be somewhat abrupt. Swear-words are usually limited to when the microphone is switched off, but not always.

One thing I have noticed is that it appears easier to be rude to someone you don’t know. I guess this is universally true. Most people would have no problem spouting forth at a nameless call-taker because Sky had failed to fix their Skybox for the third appointment running, even though it wasn’t the call-taker who didn’t turn up at the appointed time, but would be much more conciliatory when taking an item back to a shop they use several times a week where they regularly meet the staff.

Having said that, I’ve just realised another truism on rudeness; it’s easier to be rude to someone over the radio (or in a letter/email) than it is face to face.

Back to the control room, I usually find that if I do get a negative response from an officer, it’s usually one who doesn’t normally work with  my shift, or on a channel I don’t normally work & I get few problems from my regular officers. Either this proves my theory or I work with a particularly angelic bunch of guys & girls. As I read that back I know that can’t be true!

It would be interesting to speak to controllers on other shifts to see if my guys are as polite with them.

Of course, work-wise, you get better productivity if people interact well. Human nature is such that if someone is rude to you, you will spend your next interactions with them in a heightened state of stress, not averse to being unhelpful yourself or maybe even planning your revenge.

I don’t suppose any of this is pretty revelatory, nor what the point of discussing it is really. I suppose managers could do worse than planning that controllers work the same areas more often which might increase the happiness quotient & may even lead to a better working atmosphere between officers & controllers & thus a better service to the public?