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August 3rd, 2009

Where did I leave that Humble Pie?

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Occasionally, I get a comment on one of my posts which I can turn into a whole blog entry.

A few days ago I posted about the teenage scumbags who were told off in the cinema by a mother who was watching the film with her husband & two young children. The scum followed the family out of the cinema & waited until they went into a nearby restaurant before going in & throwing bleach over her head.

One of my commenters responded “Unfortunately I will not hold my breath for the police to arrest the perpetrators, it sound like far too much work when there are much simpler ways to earn a detection or two. The most likely outcome will be the arrest of the poor women for “abusive and threatening language” probably with an element of racism / hate crime thrown in to tick a few extra boxes.

“The continued reluctance of the police to target violent young thugs has resulted in the alarming escalation in levels of violence we now see. Thanks to years of inaction people are no well aware that they can carry out hideous attacks like this with next to no consequences.”  This is a typical comment from a blogger who sarcastically entitles his own blog ‘Hero Police & Tough Judges‘ & loves slagging the police off  – he doesn’t like being called bigoted, either, despite the fact that he is 😉

So it is with particular pleasure that the follow-up to this story is that the police arrested the offenders within a few days,  one is on bail & the main offender, a 16-year-old has been charged with GBH with intent, put before the court & remanded in custody.

I’d say the ‘hero police’ did their job, it’s now time for the ‘tough judges’ and for somebody to eat their words.